Poems by Shoshana Lovett-Graff

Here are some poems by former classmate and New College of Florida attendee, Shoshana Lovett-Graff. She’s a fantastic writer and a stellar baker. Poems by Shoshana Lovett-Graff can be downloaded by clicking on the link, or read below!



Once I had hands made

Of glass and sun. You borrowed

And broke them to bits.





On the road, under the bridge,

the tire tracks from this year and last

keep their eyes shut and firm

remembering the way

their arms twisted around each other,

their necks marked in tar,

their rumbling backs,

it was here that the flies wept

on the road, under the bridge.




There was a cranberry festival where everyone ate cranberry jam and drank cranberry smoothies and made cranberries out of balled-up tissue paper. You were there, as two, one who asked me on a date and touched my face, the other who laughed and pinched my neck and told me about your ex-girlfriend’s long strings of legs. You both invited me to get drunk on cranberry wine and go snorkeling in cranberry bogs. Cranberries float, and we floated, so what is below those pink waters? You asked me to the theater, you held my hand and scratched my palm and I wasn’t sure—let us play in cranberry snow, let us dress ourselves in garlands, let us throw handfuls at the performer’s feet and run away, just the few of us.


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